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Foxhole Bingo House Rules

You must be 18 years or older to play Bingo. 


Illegal gambling is prohibited 


Problem gambling helpline number: 1-800-333-HOPE 


Cell phones need to be silenced or off during gameplay. Calls are not to be made in the gaming area during gameplay. Please move to the lobby area, or go outside for calls. 


You must purchase a Bingo package to be admitted into the Bingo Lounge, no splitting packages or sharing a machine. 


Admission sales will end once the first ball of the session is on the monitors. Additional paper specials sales will end prior to the first number appearing on the monitors. 


Winners of $100 or more must show a valid picture ID, and sign a prize receipt. 


It is the player’s responsibility to call BINGO loud enough for the caller to hear you and stop the game. 


Prizes and Bingo patterns are listed on the game program and display boards. 


In the case of multiple Bingos in one game, prizes will be divided by the number of winners, rounded down to the nearest dollar. 


All Bingos must be verified. The Bingo must be on the last number called, no exceptions. 


The caller will ask if there are any additional BINGOs. If none are called, the game is over. 


Management reserves the right to cancel a bingo session due to inclement weather or any unforeseen circumstances where bingo play is not possible. 


There will be no refunds once a session has started. 


Direct any problems or concerns to the bingo floor manager, their decision is final. 


If a player is disruptive, they may be asked to leave the lounge. No refunds will be given if asked to leave. 


Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. 


License #04098 - Hill-Murray Father’s Club

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